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About Us

Welcome! We’re glad you found us! So you want to know more about Forge Multimedia…here’s the “elevator speech” about us. Up front, here’s what’s most important.

Professional Level Content

Forge Multimedia only provides professional level products.  We provide a wide variety of media and ALL media is created by professionals in their field.  The founder of Forge Multimedia is a 30 year media professional. This means media, advertising and ad agency experience pre-dating the internet, websites, digital cameras, digital audio and video.  We’ve grown WITH today’s media from the very beginning.  Forge Multimedia has worked with small companies on up to some of the nation’s largest brands like GM, Chrysler, McDonald’s, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Please reach out to us and we promise to listen.  We will offer an abundant amount of experience that will allow you to obtain your media goals!

What Do Our Clients Think of Us?

NueQ-VP Marketing