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Our experience in the field of audio production goes back to 1984. Yikes!!!  That’s a long time ago! Audio…you simply can NOT get any better than audio from Forge Multimedia. We provide audio for Radio/TV commercials, corporate events, video productions and complete sound effect post production. We also provide some of the industries finest voiceover talent. Our talent are FULL TIME voiceover talent. Our talent actually make their living providing voiceover.  That means faster turnaround (no waiting for the talent to finish their day job to do your project in the evening) and no lost time trying to get a particular delivery you have in mind out of an amateur. Forge Multimedia talent have years of experience to provide ANYTHING audio. Yes, our studios are “professional” studios, NOT a closet with moving blankets…a real honest to goodness sound studio. We use mics from Neumann, BLUE, Manley, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica. We use outboard processing from Focusrite and Manley.  The most technically trained ear will recognize the quality provided by the sound studios of Forge Multimedia.

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Can't say enough good…Forge Multimedia handles EVERYTHING we do…in our book they are under priced over performers…but don’t tell them!
- Red Dirt Septic

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