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Our relationship with Cimarex is deep. We provided video services for their safety director while employed at another company years earlier. After numerous projects, the director moved to Cimarex where he hired Forge Media again! Seems like we create a TON of video for the Oil & Gas industry. We like to think it’s because were darn good…maybe it because we are one of the only production companies around that are SafeLand Certified to go onto oil rigs. Either way, we’re honored that customers come back to us time after time. Cimarex is especially great to work with. They offer tons of input, communicate well and even take our advice and listen to our ideas…all making the projects that much more impactfull, cinematically correct and a quality end production. Stay tuned! We are already working on follow up films #2 & #3!

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NueQ-VP Marketing

Thanks for this file! Mmmmm, Taste good!