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Web Design and Development

How We Get Things Done Around Here

With years of experience we have learned that nothing beats organization for getting things done right and making clients happy.  That’s why we have created a simple yet VERY effective process for developing outstanding websites.



Our detailed PLANNING phase allows us to visit with the client “one-on-one”.  We ask questions then listen…yes, LISTEN to what you have to say.  We offer professional feedback and collaborate together to create a visual wire-frame that shows in detail exactly how the website will function and how the pages interact to provide a smooth viewer experience.  We do all this at NO CHARGE and before we even agree to work together.  This way we know BEFORE we start your project that Forge Multimedia is a good fit for you and that the expectations of the website functions are well within our skill set.


We take the wire-frame and make it look really cool!  Again, we listen to your ideas on color, style, presentation and then offer professional feedback.  Two websites with the exact same functionality can either look fresh and new with current web design standards OR be a complete disaster in the hands of the inexperienced.  That’s why we have designers with YEARS of experience in the development of cutting edge design.  Our designers are FULL time, day in and day out web designers…that’s ALL they do.  You can trust that Forge Multimedia designers know their stuff.


Yes, a totally different phase of development.  Some web development companies hire “web people” who create the entire site…design AND code.  At Forge Multimedia, we know those disciplines are two TOTALLY different things.  Our designers design and our web coders ONLY code.  They do what they do best and hone their craft every day.  Could you ever imagine hiring an architect to design your house and upon completion of the blueprint the architect says, “OK, now that we have the design, let me strap on my tool belt and get this thing built”!


You’ve been involved every step of the way…you’ve helped create a good layout, an incredible design and after our coders made the new website functional, now we let you try and break it!  Yep, we test it, punch all the buttons flip all the switches and toggle the pages as fast as you can.  All of this is of course done in a safe and enclosed environment (away from the public’s view).  Our coders do a great job but to be safe we all give it a good go-over before we make it live.


The day has come.  Together we have created an impressive website that represents your company professionally.  After all, today your website is most often the first contact potential clients have.  Even before you get to speak a word to them, they have already reviewed your website and have formed their first impression about you and your company.

Great Design

Every time we hire Forge Multimedia to create a design and print, they kick it out of the park!
- John Paul the Great Catholic University

Great Work!

Forge Multimedia SAVED us! Our website was terrible until we hired Forge…over 10,000 members agree, we now have the best Realtor Association website in the COUNTRY. Not a day goes by we aren't asked who did our site!
- Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors


No one know more about PROPER web design…could not be happier!
- Sentinel Power Services

Our Work

What Do Our Clients Think of Us?

NueQ-VP Marketing

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